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This dataset is derived from emergency calls to Wellington Regional Hospital's switchboard and the Patient At Risk nurse database. Calls that are non-clinical (fire, security) or in areas without Early Warning Score charts (obstetric, trauma, paediatric) are excluded, leaving data relating only to medical emergency team (MET) or cardiac arrest requests.

The type of emergency (MET vs arrest) is determined by the person making the call which is cross-checked with data collected from call responders (which include the Patient At Risk service). Each call also has the date, time and hospital location recorded. Non-clinical areas (car park, main atrium etc) are excluded from analysis. These data are collated monthly.

Further explanations of this dataset are available on the main Wellington ICU website.

Annual Volume of 777 Calls By Type

Number of Monthly 777 Calls By Type

Number of Monthly MET-Eligible Admissions to Wellington Regional Hospital

Dose of MET & Arrest Calls per 1000 Eligible Patient Admissions

Location of 777 Calls for MET-Eligible In-Patient Wards

Number & Type of 777 Call by Day of Week

Number & Type of 777 Call by Hour of Day