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This dataset is mostly derived from information collected from WICCID, the ICU database.
The data below covers periods in both the old 12-bed ICU (pre April 2009) & the new 18-bed unit (April 2009 onwards).
This change in capacity has obvious implications for the data displayed & any variations should be interpreted in this context.

No financially sensitive data is presented here. This information is available on a separate page, accessible by secure login using the button to the right.

Total Monthly ICU Patient Hours by Year

Number Of ICU Patients At 8am

In April 2009, the move to the new larger unit increased the total available number of ICU beds from 12 to 18.
The actual operational number of beds available at any one time will vary as it is dependent upon nursing staff funding & availability.

Median ICU Length Of Stay (Hours) by 6 Month Period

Number Of ICU Admissions Per 6 Month Period

Number Of Admissions By Type Per Year

Monthly Dialysis Hours