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This dataset is derived from the Patient At Risk (PAR) section of the Wellington Intensive Care Clinical Information Database (WICCID). The data are collected by the PAR nurses as part of their everyday clinical activity.

PAR nurses are referred patients from three possible sources - ICU discharge follow-ups, acute ward referrals, and clinical emergencies (as part of the Medical Emergency Team response system). They are also an integral part of Wellington Regional Hospital's Early Warning Score activation system.

The data captured are broken down into the following hierarchical categories:
  • PAR Episode - a patient is referred to, and accepted by, the PAR team who will continue to review the patient until they are discharged from the PAR service once they are no longer deemed 'at risk'. If the patient is subsequently re-referred to the PAR service during the same hospital admission (by any of the three routes outlined above), they begin a new Patient Episode. One patient may have multiple PAR Episodes during a single hospital admission.
  • PAR Event - each time a patient is reviewed by the PAR team during an Episode, this is deemed a PAR Event. Each patient may therefore have multiple PAR Events during each PAR Episode.

The PAR service began operating in June 2008, hence the datasets below are limited for this year. It has subsequently evolved to become a full 24/7 service with a corresponding increase in the size of the PAR team.

Summary of PAR Activity

Source of PAR Activity

Number of Events per PAR Episode

The routine number of follow-ups by a PAR nurse after ICU discharge were reduced from 2 to 1 during 2013 (unless clinically indicated).